Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Autumn, April, loaves & lambs...

There are so many blog posts taking place solely in my head of late.  At times I have thought I'd already told you about the prefect Autumn sky above my mountainous home, the way looking up at deciduous trees' leaves with my lens is something I look forward to doing every year.  A lot of people prefer blue, or black - but if I could, I would truly wear nothing but this trees autumn turning leaves...

We've loved, and lost...  A lamb has been in our care since I posted you (in reality) last.  

Her name was Lucile, and her mother was Emma (who was observed to be the most attentive mother a lamb could ever have dreamed for), her sibling, Oliver, and in short - we loved her, and she us.  And even though it was only a little while that Lucile was with us in our home, we know we'll never forget her wooly loveliness.  And I told the children we'd see her again, and her dainty hooves would tap along the wooden floor behind us again, in heaven.

I have also been baking bread, in all of it's quaintness!  

And generally trying to make my default setting love, with a good helping of grace, instead of anxiety or fear...

I fail often.  But my plan is to gradually fall less often, and have more days that see me smiling at the end of them knowing I have served my family, and pleased my Father God.  In the meantime, I have so many more posts to pull out of me head and bring to you here.  So, if you will stay tuned, I will too.  See you soon.

In love,

Shell xx

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  1. Wonderful post, Shell! I'm sorry to hear you lost Lucille but I'm sure you will see her again some day. The bread looks divine and your baby so sweet and precious. Give him a big kiss for me ;-)


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