Saturday, April 16, 2011

For love's long awaited return upon the morrow...

Would it seem odd if I told you, that while he's away, in a way, so am I?
I'm not wholly myself-
I'm some here, some there - where ever his there may be...

I move from world to world, my focuses range from;
the boy
the babies
and the washing pile
To suitcases
and meetings
and foreign hotel rooms...

'Can you Skype today?'
'How has your day been?'
'What's the weather like there?'
'What did you have for dinner?'

So as you see,
I'm a bit of a collected mess.
I'm a bit of a stationary wanderer.
I'm on the highs of a success.
And on the lows of a blunder.

In truth I'm neither here,
nor there,
while he is where, ever his where may be...
I'm waiting in limbo with silent impatience,
For love's long awaited return upon the morrow,
Looking so, so forward to the wheeling in of his (my) suitcase inside-
For as you know, I have explained;
when he comes home -
So do I.

Shell xx


  1. beautiful, honest thoughts. You two are one, and that is sweet thing indeed.

  2. Understandable and lovely. I pray you are never apart for long. Hugs xx

  3. My Husband has just taken a job in another state and will be away for six weeks altogether,we are half way through! Then he will be two weeks away and one week home. It is hard. We have five sons and the youngest particularly misses his Daddy. With the Lord though, all things are possible!

  4. Hi Jen.
    May I say such a warm thank you to you for the words of encouragement.

    God bless you, this Easter.



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