Monday, April 18, 2011

A week of Easter Goodness!

I simply adore Easter time!  It's a precious season, one I think should be celebrated as seriously as the  other major Christian holiday on our calendar...  So I thought I would post everyday throughout this special week of Easter {from the Monday before, up until Easter Monday} about the preparations, prayers, reflections, gatherings, feasts and celebrations that are going on in and around my home at this time of year.

So Monday morning was a good start to a special week with an early soccer match on Foxtel.  
Liverpool FC were playing and sisters were coming over to watch it with us and to enjoy the camaraderie of team spirit.  However when I say us - I don't really mean myself, because I completely don't understand sport of any kind!  But I do relish the idea of early morning guests with regard to designing a menu to tantalise the committed football fan.  So I made drop scones with thickened cream and homemade mulberry jam, pipping hot tea, and we sat and delighted in the first day of Easter goodness on into the morning light.


Last week sadly, my poor old fridge passed away - and the first sign of it's sudden yet timely demise was the smell of my stockpiled frozen bananas {which were waiting to be turned into homemade banana bread} melting into banana puree'!  So I put together some money I had saved for a rainy day, and bought this magnificent not-so-white white good!

And I only tell you this story in the context of Easter because I'm so happy with my elegant space on the top shelf for a delightful store of Easter eggs - in the form of Lindt bunnies and Cadbury Chickens!

Day one.  Sorted, and successful!

To be continued...

Shell xx


  1. dear friend, I find myself thinking the very same thing. I actually find this is a time of year worth even MORE celebrating than the other special time, and what's more we have a week to do it :) - I am at the moment engaging in some egg dyeing and preparing a service of prayer and relfection for my church on friday night (my mum's going to be there too playing the piano)
    love to you & all the Tullys in this precious time xx

  2. Well hello Windhover, & thank you for the kind words.
    Egg dying is on my list also this week, and I'm so happy to know you're making your Good Friday special - give my warmest greetings to your Mum, wish I was there to play a little piano too!

    And I think I can safely say on behalf of all the Tullys - love and blessings right back at you during this special time of year!



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