Saturday, June 4, 2011

Earrings & life lessons combined...

I've been meaning to show you these!  

They were my birthday present from Jamie.  And unlike my other fabulously sublime and oversizably ridiculous earrings, of which I have many, (some seen here in one of my first posts on this here blog!) they're real gold!  18 carrot or some such like it!  And the jewels are really emeralds.  Really.

They are different to my usual earring-ish tastes, but feel very me, all the same.  It is quite wonderful to wear something that was chosen for you as a surprise, as a show of love, from a very best of friends.

He is to go away again soon to another far off place in service to their country, and ours...  I am to support him, and to miss him all at once.  To get on with the chores, and the children raising in his short absence, and also to work hard in my own head - on my own thoughts...  In that I mean, I don't want to just wish the time away - but rather to spend my days wisely, as though they were precious jewels.

I feel very much today, the sense that our days here on earth are meant to count towards a cumulative something?!  Our varying gifts, and situations dictate the direction, and our will to live as well as possible  dictates how well, we will achieve it.

I'm off now, to do a little dancing in the kitchen, a little playing my piano, a lot of living, thanking, loving.  In short, I'm not going to waste a moment!

Shell xx


  1. Handmade from Burmese gold in Yangon just for my girl. xxxx

  2. They're so beautiful! (fitting for a beautiful woman ;)) x

  3. So so lovely Shell, they look beautiful on :)

  4. What a wonderful post. The earrings are fabulous and precious indeed. What a wonderful gift from your loving husband. I like how you compare the preciousness of jewels to the preciousness of our days. It is so easy to take the days for granted. I too need reminders just not to do that and to make my days and time here count for something. Love and hugs from Kenya where I am now for another short week before home.

  5. Post? What a wonderful comment, you beautiful woman! I am about to go and read up on Kigen on your blog now. I wish you health and joyful servanthood there where you are, and travel mercies for your return in a weeks time.

    All my love to you!



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