Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When life gives you pumpkins...

I say, boil 'em into soup!

And so I did...  

I find that making real soup, from homemade chicken stock and seasonal veg in winter, a warming and therapeutic doing.  It's a celebration of the goodness of broth, and the divinity of the vegetables!  In short, it's one of my favouite things to do and eat, in all of this world.  (And I'm rather good at it too)!

I love the togetherness which a good soup making afternoon can bring.  I can have children peeling spuds, and husband carving pumpkin while I chop onions as we all talk & giggle about everything and nothing while the broth boils & Green House cottage fills with the sweet smells & sounds of what I consider true happiness.

It is how we keep our tums and our souls in health this, and every winter.

Shell xx   

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  1. I've never tried making pumpkin soup but hope to try it. Maybe this winter? Love to you and your family.


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