Sunday, September 25, 2011

Give me a home amongst the Gum trees...

I walk most days through the gums and the oak trees, up the round hill and back down again.  Usually before eight in the morning I have stretched my muscles, sweated at my brow, and witnessed the view from what I think is one of the most beautiful places in my little corner of the Land Down Under.

I recollect here - but today I give you these perfect purple and red dried gum leaves which I can rarely resist picking up off the ground around my steps down the mountain.  I am enamored with the veins running through them, the holes and cracks, the curves and the texture, the way they already look like fossils before my lens.  I could go on, and on...

I have also, finally got my own home made bread thing happening!  At the moment I am churning out these crusty, rustic, tasty, Irish soda bread loaves - and they are a picnic-ers heaven!  They take about 5 minutes to prepare, and 35 minutes or so to bake!  Last sunny Sunday I sliced some cold left over roast, whipped up a salad & flask of tea - with this bespoke bread baby on board we were on our way to Floriade to enjoy it with some friends & family - and to catch a Swing big band in the afternoon sun amongst the blooms!

{Discussions are also rumoured to have taken place about The Tullys forming a bit of an old timey Swing band thing...}

In short, it was a wonderful day spent with my babies, and my best friend in tow!

And speaking of babies...

Mine is getting bigger, bubblier and more scrumptiously, kissably, lovable everyday!


That is me...

...of late,
for now,
& in short!

Apologetically late-
pathetically slow-
inexcusably tardy-
but forever yours,


Shell xx


  1. Ummm, I love the colours of those gum tree leaves. Your bread looks divine. I've lately been reading up on making artisanal breads myself but haven't gotten started yet. Too many things happening this month and I need "free" time. Your baby looks kissable for sure ;-) and you look so lovely. I'm sorry to be absent from here. Somehow I've missed a few of your posts! As always, lots of lots and xx

  2. Hello beautiful lady! Such lovely glimpses into your life of late - those gum leaves makes me homesick and happy, the sight of your fresh bread makes me want to try the recipe, the sight of your bare bottomed babe makes me full of anticipation and joy for a scene like that, soon, and your smile - as always, makes me feel well in my soul!


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