Saturday, February 4, 2012


Anyone who knows me, knows how I love the morning.  

She is a new, and beautiful creature, each and every day.  And I have begun a new ritual to welcome in my mornings - a new bow in my exercising quiver.  That is, to run.


I knew nothing about running, have never run for fitness before - so I's got me-self an iPhone App! which is coaching me though each session - and I am currently the proud graduate of Week 2 (three runs per week) of an 8 Week program which promises to have me running a 5k marathon by the end!  Now I am extraordinarily dubious about a 5k - but with that said I am really enjoying finding my runner's feet to the beat of my own breath, under the light of the morning sunshine.  

I'm not sure where this new phase will lead, unlikely to a career of endurance running!  But it feels really good, and I know I have certainly begun some sort of journey.  

Shell xx

{Post Script}: Happy February!

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