Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter on my table...

Over the last few days there have been many Easter activities and preparations happening on and around my table(s).
 On Good Friday my children, along with one of my nieces & two of my nephews all painted eggs together and talked about the wonderful, inspiring love of a God who would allow his only son to die for all of our sins...
Many attractive baskets were assembled and photographed!
 For lunch on Easter Sunday today, I went the whole 'hog' and put on a roast, with baked potatoes, carrot, onion, corn and peas as a celebration of new life
 ~ a risen Lord ~ 
a sunny autumn day, and as a homecoming feast for my dearest and darling-est husband who has been away for nearly this entire month past!
 With benches cleared, and the dishwasher on, I spent the afternoon at my sunroom table decorating edible Easter gifts for my beautiful extended family in preparation for an afternoon tea (which was actually incredibly wonderful mother-in-law homemade coffee!) + an easter egg hunt for the children amongst the trees and groves of our precious garden home.

 So I have spent the weekend with my table covered in homemade treats, and handmade offerings for a season which I always proclaim as a particular favourite - for the beautiful crisp time of year, for the symbolism, the incredible love and the sacrifice from my God, made for me.  And for the occasion to make beauty and love, an extra special priority, for my family, from my table.

Happy Easter.  With all my blessings to you and yours.

Shell xx

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