Saturday, April 14, 2012

{Red earrings} Run Faster...

 When I decided to learn to run in 8 weeks with the 5K Runner app back in January, I never realised how it was going to make every single step I took, and hopefully will ever take, more confident, more focused (body and mind), and more forward than ever before...

Then when I decided to get the right shoes for my green little runner's feet in February, I could not have known how good it would be for me to run with the right gear - with thanks to great advice from the shoe fitting lady - and the woman sitting next to me also buying shoes who, knowing these were my first ever running shoes, suggested I enter the 5K event at the Australian Running Festival.
 But today, I know...

I know about training, and energy, and sweat, and nervousness, the buzz of the crowd assembling to run, and family on the sidelines to cheer.  The sound of the stater horn, and the thumping of hundreds of surrounding pairs of feet.

Of the fresh air, observing beautiful old oaks and pines in a stunning old Canberra district.  Of careful, measured breaths, and knowing that red earrings, run faster!

Of hearing my Nike+GPS app in my pocket counting down the Kilometers, and knowing I had run them, every step.  Of keeping upright, and reminding myself to always look forward, never down...

Of being tired and wanting to stop, but not stopping.  Just keeping going, with just a prayer in my heart, a mantra in my mind, my love running by my side, and complete, sheer determination to get to the finishing line.

And today, I did it!
That's all.

Shell xx


  1. WONDERFUL!! Congratulations. xx

  2. Oh a hearty congratulations beautiful woman!!

  3. What a wonderful achievement!!! You rock Shell and you look fabulous darling!!!

  4. What a wonderful achievement!!!! Congratulations and you do look fabulous darling! Keep calm and carry on running!

  5. Shell, you truly inspire with your ever glowing attitude to life and all it holds.


  6. Wonderful Shell and you look fabulous......such an you:))


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