Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So after an absolute marathon of a Saturday [pun intended] - my friend and I decided we would make a  true culinary treat of our Sunday - because while working hard is my favourite pass time - playing hard, and eating well is the delight and the balance of what life is all about in my opinion!  And what better way to treat one's self than with homemade Sunday brunch!
  Cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit, poached eggs & sourdough toast!
And I whipped up my first ever batch of buttery homemade scones from an old English recipe!
On Monday the banquet continued after I rose with the sun and laced up my running shoes to complete another 4K run before diverting past my raspberry bush for these beauties to jazz up my porridge!
And lunch looked like left over quiche, freshly picked parsley, carrot sticks, hommus and green tea.

It felt like a celebration.  Which food always is to me.  I love being more accountable for what I eat of late, which somehow, and most unusually, makes every meal I prepare and partake in taste even better!

Wishing you a delicious week!

Shell xx

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