Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Winter Brood...

Our winter has been a very special one.
We have taken hold of every (rare) moment to be all together,
And made wonderful times and lasting memories happen...
 We have braved the cold 
and ventured outdoors
to have good times
and to take in winter's freshest air
on some if it's chilliest days.

But in of doors, 
my home is the warmest and cosiest of cottages to return to,
to escape such cold.
And though my blog space has definitely been a little too quiet of late -
 be assured, that in my little house of green
myself and my darling winter brood
are brimming, and thriving 
with signs and sounds of life,
and health,
and love!

Shell xx


  1. Great family photos! Glad to hear you are all thriving :-)

  2. Warm home, warm hearts, doesn't matter about the weather! What you have is not seasonal ; ) Bless you and your beloved and your lovely brood Shell xxxxxxx

  3. I have returned many a time to see these beautiful photos of you and your kin! I agree with Lynn entirely :) Bless you all xx


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