Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy and Glorious...

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I watched the entire opening ceremony for the London Olympic Games last week with a tear in my eye, and a smile on my face.  I sang, God Save the Queen at the top of my voice, I both laughed and cried.  Completely wonderful.  That's all!

My heart beamed and swelled for Great Britain, for London, for the world.  The magnificence of athleticism, the brilliance of determination, and the impressiveness of skill, talent and achievement at this height of athleticism.

I am not just watching the games for my country Australia, I am watching as many athletes as I can, from anywhere in the world in order to celebrate and be inspired by people who have chosen to give their all to their particular sport.

And for me personally, I am a little more tearful this time round watching the Olympics when I witness the passion and the determination required to break through into excellence.  Because having now lost nearly 30 kilograms {66 pounds} so far this year - I feel I have come a little of that way to excellence myself...  ; )

God bless!

Shell xx

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