Monday, July 7, 2008

Piano practice is...

...always a little random!  I feel passionate, and nervous all at once.  I imagine myself at the gig, I try to put myself right there in the moment.  I want it to be a perfect practice, I think you have to always play the song right through, and always feel it from your heart, so that you can act it out in the performance.

After a while though, I get discovered...

...and then little fingers start playing discordant notes on my keyboard!

Such is life I suppose!

Shell xx


  1. Ah! They make life more unpredictable and spontaneous don't they just.. this reminds me of my mum trying to do piano practice when we were small - although I think mostly; my sister Madeleine and I would fall asleep under her long stool.

  2. That's lovely, I like that my children will have similar memories of me in there playing piano.


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