Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Somedays, I just don't want to be grown up with work to do!  I look out the window and want to go on an adventure...  I think in laymans terms - I feel like a holiday!  I am looking forward to a day trip to Sydney later this week, and that will have to do me for now!  I think I have mentioned how much I love Sydney, the big city in Canberra's backyard!

It has been raining here on and off for a day or two.  Now the sun is just emerging from the grey clouds, then going back behind them again, just long enough for a few more sprinkles of rain.  It is a bit of an undecided day all round.  I feel a little here and there myself.  Nothing a cup of tea won't fix.  Won't you have some with me?

Somedays, when I think about the bills I have to pay, and the price of groceries, I just want to go and blow all my money on records, and shoes!  I suppose being a grown up is daydreaming about such things at times, and then paying the bills, going to Coles, and knowing how blessed you are to have enough to eat and a roof over your head!

But the best part about being a grown up is...

I get to decide that my life will be a wonderful adventure!

Shell xx

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  1. Oh Mechelle; a trip to Sydney :) What exciting things have you got planned? I am convinced you have the handsomest children... those curly hair/artist genes I'm sure. Oh something deep in my resonates with you when you say you will decide that your "life will be a wonderful adventure" - I think it impossible for it to be anything else!


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