Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybe Not Now

This afternoon, the most incredible thing happened!

Tara fell asleep!  So I wrote a song...

Maybe Not Now

I can hear them talking in the hall
I can hear them talking about where they've gone wrong?
I can see it never was their fault-
All it takes is a dose of pride to swallow a young man whole-

And I know, all will be restored that now seems gone...

I can hear the patter of the rain
I can feel him tremble as it blows away again
I can see him working all day long
All I can give is a note and a card, and tell him how much I love him!

And that I know, all will be returned that has been stolen...

Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow,
Maybe not in our lifetime,
Maybe not in our children's, children's,

Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow,
Maybe not now-
Maybe not now...

It's actually a song I started to write about a year ago, but today there was just enough peace and quiet to put it all together and call it finished.  I have so many half written songs, like half finished knitting projects I suppose...  It is so satisfying to get one completed and ready for performing and recording.

Ah, I love my job!

I shall record it and post it on this blog very soon so you can hear was well as read it.

Shell xx


  1. That's beautiful Shell. I can't wait to hear your recording of it!

    God bless Tara Grace for having a nap today ; )

    Lynn xx


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