Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day One - Drive to Griffith

The morning of the day arrived and we set off bright, early, buzzing and excited.

I find car trips relaxing, the prospect of getting away from my daily routine exciting; and even though poor little Sean had some car sickness today, we just pulled together as a team to help with Sean, and take care of one another.  

It showed me how families away on a trip see a more condensed side of one another, I was pleased to notice how big and helpful Emma and Campbell have become.  I felt like I had two big kids to help me with my two younger babies, we had fun and got to Griffith in good time.  

We walked in the evening, soaked up the heat (no see breeze), I looked at my feet against red earth...

This is how you can tell Australia, by the varying colours of soil, as we drove along we watched the colours change from gold to red, what colours will we see tomorrow I wonder?

We looked at big churches, antique shops (which were antiques in themselves), and just enjoyed each other and enjoyed being.

We set out for Mildura in the morn.

Shell xx


  1. Your home misses you... it's empty, but not alone. It waits, entirely convinced and certain of your return. The flowers bloom in confidence. Perfect, tiny yellow roses. It is all evidence of that greater love...

  2. It feels like im on hoilday with you! Hope you are having a wonderful time.



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