Monday, January 12, 2009

a Little Adventure

Today is a new chapter. 

Christmas decorations, and now dried out tree have (sadly) been taken down, pine needles up swept, and new thoughts, preparations are being made for a family holiday.

It is one of only a very few long road trips we have been on in our married life.  I just think between having children and playing in a band  there has not been the time to go and explore our beautiful country as much as we perhaps should have.  However we are still young!  And tomorrow we embark on a tour and an explore of only a small nook of beautiful Australia!

We are heading to Adelaide to visit my Omi (which is a German Grandmother) in the Barossa Valley, via Griffith and Mildura (and wherever else takes our fancy!  Then across to Ballarat, down to Melbourne (for a little bit of the Aussie Open), Albury and then (sadly) home...  I wish we were traveling for a year!  One day I hope we will buy a Winnebago and do just that, but for now, a week or so will have to do!  We are planning to visit farmers markets, eat wonderful seasonal, locally produced food, sit in quaint little coffee shops, and generally have a ball.

I am planning to blog our adventure along the way, complete with photos and commentary!  So I must go and finish packing now, have some tea and feel excited about our little adventure!

Talk to you from the road!

Shell xx


  1. What a postively exciting trip you've got planned! And I imagine car trips with your children would be anything but boring and tiresome! I can see you in a Winnebago, a beautiful singing nomad against the red australian earth (something of you nomadic ancestry?). Cannot wait to hear from you on the road. God bless x

  2. You are so sweet girl! I will endeavor to entertain you!


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