Friday, February 27, 2009

The Canberra Show

Being a pioneer farming family, The Tullys always go to The Canberra Show held on the last weekend in February.  It is always a gorgeously fun day.  Where you trawl through endless stalls of innovative gadgets, (and some not so...), get handed flyers for things you don't want, wander through pavilions showcasing perfectly harvested vegetables, admiring the winning pumpkin, capsicum, tomato!  Gaze lovingly at beautiful handmade quilts, cross stitches, photography, costume design, pot
tery, wood work; and get inspired to enter something of your own each year (but never seem to do it)!

It's always crowded and hot, as you make your way to look at perfect specimens of livestock, and give them a friendly smile as you walk by.  The smell of cow sheds, and horses is so wonderful, and while not too far from what we actually have at home, I always take a moment to appreciate these beautiful creatures at the show, where I may overlook or forget to marvel at them in the everydayness, of home...

We take the kids to the baby animal sheds, where hundreds of children are squealing with delight at puppies, and kittens, lambs, rabbits, (to name a few), and Sean's favourite (and my favourite photo of the day) the pigs!

"Yay I'm a Llama again!  No, wait..." - you'll get that if you've ever seen Disney kids film The Emeror's New Groove.

And finally you walk through the side show, and buy the children show bags before heading home with sore feet, a little sunburn and a great time had by all!

Shell xx

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