Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another few flavoursome food reviews...

(More Singapore..!)

We tried to see everything during our four days in Singapore.  But one of my favourite things was walking down Orchard Road with Clare and picking up a Curry-O from Old Chang Kee - a sort of street-vending, spring-roll-frying, flavour-fantastic Asian food chain which seemed to pop up at every other street corner just when we were feeling peckish...

For $1.10 you can buy the best version of a curry puff I have ever tasted.  Made with real spices, and unbelievable pastry!  There is even sliced boiled egg in there!  Then for $1 you can have fresh lime juice to wash it down.  We could not believe how well and cheaply you could feed and water your self while shopping down town!

We had also been given the big tip that the bast Laksa on the face of the planet was located in Singapore...  So for lunch on Friday we cabbed it over there for a taste test!

It was this tiny little, badly lit, but buzzing place that smelled of chilli and had the promise of awesome food!  Apparently, celebrities from all over the world have been photographed and endorsing the Laksa here.  The walls were covered with pictures of famous Western chefs and newspaper clippings with rave reviews, and some sort of local restaurant award.  Praise indeed.

(This just made me smile).

So I have to say the Laksa was amazing!  A perfect, creamy, spicy nectar from heaven!  That's my review - I will definitely go back!

To walk off all of this good food, we so enjoyed our shopping/exploring.  I became very bold in asking everyone if I could photograph their beautiful treasures on sale for this blog.  I am reliving the enjoyment while sharing it here with you.

I hung my camera out the window at more than one set of lights to capture things I would not ever see in Canberra, or perhaps anywhere!

I was completely, and thoroughly immersed and inspired!

More yet to come...

Shell xx


  1. Sounds like a great place to visit Shel looking forward to hearing more about it through the eyes and mouth of Shel...... cheers ur old school mate Beloxoxoxox

  2. oh oh and forgot to add i especially liked the pic of the different coloured buildings.....Bel

  3. *beams* you're a kind girl! Thank you, it makes me smile that you are reading along. xx


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