Friday, May 1, 2009


Singapore Continued -

Oh my goodness!

If you stop by this little blog from time to time then you know how much I love food.  And for a food lover, what could be more wonderful than the rare delights of Teppanyaki dining.  This is the sort of dinner that comes along but once in a little while (and we will be paying it off for a little while also)!

The ingredients, the flavours and the delicate precisian of Japanese food I have always loved, but this was something so unique.  You have these two fellows in front of you (as above) on a sort of cooking stage.  Then as you choose various ingredients that you can see in front of you, they cook them up on the spot and hand them down to you on big wooden (what look like) boat oars!  

We laughed all night and ate far too well!  

Shell xx


  1. Yum - it looks great! I have been loving your blog too!! :) Your travels looked like heaps of fun!! I look forward to seeing more of your adventures :) Martine

  2. Thank you Sparrow! And I must say that the same goes for me with regard to your current travels, I am reading along with delight and anticipation for the next entry! Safe travels!


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