Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday on the First Tuesday...

The delight of turning Twelve is wondrous. I think it is that time before you cease being a child, but still enjoy becoming that little bit older...

My first baby has enjoyed her Twelfth birthday on the day of the Melbourne Cup! Which meant we were to sip tea, eat cake and drink pink soft drinks under the sun at home in our best dresses and wide rimmed hats.

I fetched flowers, and baked all the sunny morn determined to enjoy every moment!

Because I know that time is as fleeting a thing as petals from the blooms, which we mostly cannot understand...

I know that my Lord is outside of it - and that the counting of our years seems to be in place to teach us and grow us, so we can be better at loving Him for the sake of our souls, and the dear souls near us.

And today, none dearer, or more impressively wonderful is that of our precious, precious Emma.

The Lord gave her to us when we ourselves were only children. And it is an honour to count the years with her; to sip the tea, and with the passing days give her the best of ourselves for her own salvation and happiness through her life.

Happy Birthday darling girl. Who gave us life, with your birth.

Shell xx


  1. Aw, what a precious mother's words about her daughter and her birthday. The feast for the eyes and the tummy are delightful. Your beautiful Emma looks so darling in her new dress; perched atop her new bike. A birthday for her to remember for years to come as she sits on the cusp of being grown up.

  2. Oh Mechelle, how this brought tears to my eyes. Your words are precious, but not nearly as much as your motherly care and love. Emma is testament to you and Jamie; to the faith and devotion you share. On my last vist as she walked me up to Rosebud squeezing my arm in hers I thought again how special and beautiful she was and is. Happy Birthday to dear Emma! Tell her she is always in my thoughts and prayers, and that I look forward to the years of friendship to come!


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