Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo shoot revealed!

Well, I promised you a laugh didn't I?!

Not sure if I'm laughing though!  These are not really to my taste I must say, but I suppose that's not the point of promotion.  They are for an agency website which is promoting a range of artists...  Ah, if only one didn't need one's photo taken!

Shell xx

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Treasures from China

My dear friend is finally home from his working travels in China, and has brought me back a plethora of weird and wonderful things from this amazing country.

I am glad he found another unusual tiled mural to photograph!  The previous one can be found here...

I am completely in love with this gorgeous teapot.   However finding it hard to decide which is nicer between it, and the blue box it came in!

I'm thrilled with this Chinese black tea, again the artwork on the box is just so beautiful.

I shall reveal more of the treasures I received in a little while... until then, I thought I would conclude with this self portrait of Jamie on the train between Guangzhau and Hong Kong.

The most important treasure brought safely home.

Shell xx

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I don't watch much TV, and even less movies; but when a friend recommended I watch this Indie, Irish, musical film simply called Once, how could I refuse!  It's not a kids film so don't plan a family movie night -  it is just one of those grown up, quiet, poetic story telling masterpieces, and evidently, I loved it.

If you're not into music don't bother, but if you've ever wanted a glimpse into how it feels to be a musician with songs you've written to show the world, then don't delay.

Once has captured me.  I am loving the original songs from the soundtrack, and I know I will always love this film.  It is not what you expect, but it gives you more than you could have imagined.  My kind of modern film.

Shell xx

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I got a new washing machine.  It's a huge 7.5kg one, which will be very different from my little 4.5kg that we've had since we got married twelve years ago.  I was a little bit sorry for it when I had it taken outside, but it's being put on Freecycle and will hopefully go to someone else in need, may they be as happy with it as I have been!

Shell xx 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Purple Frosting...

Mixing colours is not just something to do with paint.  I conducted an art lesson today in our flour covered kitchen, where I attempted to show the children that red and blue make purple...  It's not the nicest shade, but it is a bit lavender-ish which is nice!

My subsequent attempts will be better, but they all will be tasty!

Shell xx

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The things that can be found in an old farm shed!

Have a look at these!

Woman's Day and New Idea magazines from the early 1960's!  They would have belonged to my dear Grandmother - In - Law, Thelma.  Who is the original lady of The Green House, which is now my home.

Oh turning the same pages that she would have nearly Fifty years ago is thrilling!  Finding these in a thrift or antique shop would have been one thing, but being able to look at the magazines Thelma bought and read is so precious!

They are only on loan to me for a brief historical viewing (and photographing), they belong to my Father - In -Law, as they were his own Mothers' and they will be forever cherished by my Brothers and Sisters - In - Law, whose very own dear Grandmothers' magazines they are thrilled to be reunited with.

I just had to show you some of the contents.  Check out these eye makeup tips!

And I love this romantic toothpaste advertisement...

How to do your hair professionally!

I can't get enough of the ads!  Look Coco Pops!

From a time when Doctors used to prescribe smoking...

September 18, 1961 & July 30, 1962.

While I am grateful to have been born in this time, I would still love a swishy skirt, a frilly apron, a beehive hairstyle, and some of that romantic toothpaste!  

We are living in an era where we pick and choose our fashion from previous generations.  Or perhaps it is always like that to an extent...  I'm just not sure what my grand children will think of the fashions and culture from my time, I cannot imagine how it will be portrayed?  I think people need to enjoy clothes more, dress up and not be afraid to stand out!  So that we might be remembered as the generation who celebrated the best of all fashion eras!

Shell xx

Friday, March 20, 2009

Timeless art

I've had the most fabulous week!  You know when your senses are particularly heightened?  When your eyes see art in everything?

When silence is a song.  When you remember to pray/talk to your Lord (and hear Him answer) all day long...

I'm sort of floating particularly today, inspired on a cloud after coming home from the Degas exhibition.

I took my very enthusiastic children along with me and we had a wonderful time.  It has also renewed their love for, and interest in learning French, which I just think is cool! 

I have had that artistic boost needed to finish several songs which were patiently waiting for me at the piano.  And generally, I am inspired with the confidence to enter into photography and oil painting more seriously...  And by seriously, I mean, to just do it because it's fun, and enjoy it!  Which is what art is for.  I hope you will stay with me to see what these new endeavors yield!  

I believe art, like love is an endlessly renewable resource! 

It was an amazing feeling in the gallery today.  All of us people shuffling from picture to picture to see, and drink up the feelings portrayed by such an amazing artist.  

This is what excites me, this art is timeless!  (And without one strict medium).  That's why I don't ever try to write about what is cool.  Just what is heartfelt, and real, and encompassed in passion.  Here's hoping, for timeless art.

Shell xx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green eyes

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I am one of the many who can boast a little Irish heritage.  

Way back on my mothers side, there was a little Irish woman who must be in Heaven smiling, especially today, that despite all of the German and Syrian/Lebanese genetics; I was born with green eyes!

Today I wear them proud as ever!

Shell xx

Monday, March 16, 2009

Maybe Monday

Well I didn't count on receiving more presents!  But I am so so happy with my 'Made In Japan' plates and bowls from the dear newlyweds!  

I think they look quite fetching with toast!

My other unexpected present today was from my beautiful sister-in-law, who insisted on buying this beautiful wicker basket for me after seeing I had admired it!

I have an instant desire to go for a walk through pastures now in full Georgian dress, including Jane Austen style Grecian gown, bonnet, jacket and scarf!  All the while collecting flowers and strawberries to put into my basket!

* * * * * * * * *

On Monday mornings I meet with a group of women for coffee.  We are from varying walks of life, and ages...  Some of us very noisy, all of us very funny.  Lively debate and spirited conversation takes place while we sip, (and sometimes spill) our coffees in the excitement of it all!  We have named this rendezvous Maybe Monday, and I smile all the rest of the day after our meeting.

There is nothing like nearly taking over a coffee shop with a large group of friends, and enjoying time catching up, swapping stories, and really serving each other with the delights of good company, just being friends, just being women.

Shell xx

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Earthly Birthday!

I am 31 today.  So happy to be alive.  Free, blessed and loved.

Adorned with home made gifts from my kids.

Been to see my oldest baby do a Junior Handler presentation at the Cat Show.

And danced around the kitchen with my lovelies while making orange frosting!

Shell xx

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Sun said to me...

After seeing Jamie off in a taxi early this morning, I went for a walk up the hill to see the sun rise.  I wish I had taken my camera so I could show you how wonderful the foggy morning looked to my eyes with the sun rising behind.

I sat in front of it's ascending beauty and meditated on this next little while with Jamie gone away to China, children to raise, songs to write, and life to manage, and live contently in.

The fog sort of diffused the direct glare which normally makes you avert your eyes, so I was able to just gaze directly into the eye of the sun.  And while I was there in a dream like state, the sun said to me...

Come and find me.  I am here to be found,
I greet you everyday with my love,
Comfort you who are not too proud to be loved.
Share with you, my colours;
For I am every colour that you see, 
And with my colour I catch your eye, inspire you to feel me,
Therefore find me,
And when it seems too hard do not forget me!
This is when you need me, 
You cannot be too proud!

Come and find me; 
I am there,
Waiting, to warm you with my love.

I know it was really my prayer.  And in a way putting these things into words makes them seem imperfect.  But in the beauty and quietness of the moment, I also knew I was not alone when hearing it.


Shell xx

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On days like this...

...I am cleaning up after breakfast while singing old Irish folk melodies;

I am distracted by the beautiful, crisp morning sky as I put clothes on the line;

I am dancing with Emma while we do the vacuuming;

And generally making everyday tasks as fun and contemplative as possible!

Shell xx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reading, and doing it!

I love my NLT (New Living Translation) Study Bible.  Apart from the fact that it's a really cool leather bound book with gold paper edging(!) and that it contains the word of God; the study notes are something really special that I want to share with you.  As you read the Bible, readin the notes are like having a wise companion to help you understand the relevance of God's word today, right now.  How can I be better?  Read it, and because I believe, just do it!  Love more, give more and grow more...  These are some of of the things getting me inspired today...

James 4:14
How do you know what you life will be like tomorrow?  Your life is like the morning fog - it's here a little while, then it's gone.

The study note says:

"Life is short no matter how many years we live.  Don't be deceived into thinking that you have lots of remaining time to live for Christ, to enjoy your loved ones, or to do what you know you should.  Live for God today!  Then, no matter when you life ends, you will have fulfilled God's plan for you."

James 4:17
Remember, it is a sin to know what you ought to do and then not to do it.

Study Note:

"We tend to think that doing wrong is sin.  But James tells us that sin is also not doing right.  (These two kinds of sin are sometimes called sins of commission and sins of omission).  It is a sin to lie; it is also a sin to avoid that person when you know he or she needs your friendship.  You should be willing to help as the Holy Spirit guides you.  If God has directed you to do a kind of act, to render a service, or to restore a relationship, do it.  You will experience a renewed vitality to your Christian faith."

I hope I have tempted you to have a ponder...

Farewell for today, and hopes for a tomorrow to be better in!

Shell xx

Monday, March 9, 2009

Canberra Day

Please forgive my recent silence...

I am finally back online with my MacBook home from the doctor and all be very well!

It is Canberra Day public holiday today, and there are celebrations going on in the city.  I am here at home, taking in the quiet, bathing my babies, sweeping the floor, then having lots of tea with Jamie, putting my feet up.

I have had a few ankle malfunctions in the last week, I sprained the left while out walking a week ago, and then unluckily the right on Friday, so I have been hobbling a little and forced to slow down, a bit...

On my wonky ankles The Tullys played at a "highbrow" ball the other night, and we are to have a promotional photo shoot on Wednesday (which I am not looking forward to) because I feel I am horribly un-photogenic!

I shall post the photos forthwith and we can laugh at them together!  

I look forward to posting more regularly again, sharing more of my mind, my heart, my poetry, my world...

Shell xx

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a Love filled room...

It's nice to see the song I have written for a special wedding printed up onto CDs and ready to go to their new home.

To be given out to family, friends, and also to be played at the ceremony!

Funny to think that on Saturday I will be in my house, or a coffee shop; I may be picking flowers in my garden, or baking a cake.  But at the same time, somewhere in a love filled room, my song will be played to help enhance and heighten the emotions on a most special day!

Shell xx

Sunday, March 1, 2009


How I love March!

The beginning of Autumn, (incidentally my favourite season)!

Leaves falling off trees, warm colours,
Rich browns, oranges, yellows...

Cooler weather, more opportunities to wear cardigans (my other favourite thing)!

Shorter days (sadly), but brighter early mornings,

My Birthday arrives in the middle, a chance to reflect on the years accumulated, and to eat cake with loved ones!

It's true, I proclaim my love for every new month and season, for each one's different delights.  I won't hear of drawbacks, every day is wonderful.

And the colours of each season only serve to enhance the framework, the backdrop, of our lives, which are as good as we make them...

Happy are we who are blessed and free!  And may we not complain.

Instead do something for someone else today.  Mend something, even if you didn't break it...

Autumn is here, and new, with hardly a tooth mark on it!

Lets embrace it!

What are your plans?

Shell xx